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  1. Kay Graham April 28, 2010 at 6:00 am

    I was interested in the theories of German New Medicine until I couldn’t find anyone on the Internet who claimed it helped them! Dr. Hamer’s site has 20 “testimonials” half of which are ludicrous (one big fan died a few months after she wrote her recommendation) and the rest prove nothing, useless even as anecdotal “evidence”. Many of them don’t even say they improved under his care, just that they believe in him!

    Also, a close friend died in agony while under the care of a GNM practitioner based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I spoke to her (the practitioner) a week before he (the friend) died and she said “he’s just fine and recovering rapidly”.

    Of course there may be some truth to Dr. Hamer’s theories but NOBODY should allow these quacks near a sickbed. I think there are times when they should be charged with manslaughter or perhaps even premeditated murder since they must know they are condemning people to an agonizing death. They aren’t stupid. They know they practically never cure anybody. Hamer blatantly claims 98% success yet his own nurses said people “always” died but he would ship them out to legitimate hospitals a few days before so that the death would not have occurred at his clinic in Spain.

    There is a new form of alternative medicine that I am now looking into based on some of Hamer’s ideas. It is called Meta-Medicine and claims not to interfere with conventional treatment but helps the person emotionally by identifying what the underlying problems are that caused the illness and helping him or her resolve them.

    This could easily be quackery, too. I can’t tell, yet. I am NO fan of the medical establishment either so I am not going to stop searching for answers.

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