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Stephen Serenelli’s Scientology Cancer Diet Experience: Read It And Weep

stephen serenelliOn October 26, 2004, Stephen Serenelli died of bowel cancer.

Initially he was treated conventionally, but under the strong influence of his wife Eileen and Ian Shillington, a naturopathic doctor and Scientologist, he decided to follow alternative treatments only.

The alternative treatments made him feel weak and miserable and resulted in his tumour becoming inoperable. This almost certainly shortened his life considerably and seriously compromised his quality of life. The fact that the alternative treatments wore him out so much may have decreased his survival time even more.

Shortly before his death, Serenelli wrote a letter to his ND Ian Shillington. Serenelli also kept a diary during his illness.

Flora’s Death from Cervical Cancer: How Belief in Macrobiotics Killed my Wife

By Dutch ex-politician Roel van Duijn. Originally published by Stichting Skepsis.

How Belief in Macrobiotics Killed my Wife

sun-in-roomRecently I saw my ex-wife again. She was dying. The hot August sun shone through the thin curtains, just as it had done when our daughter was born, eight years ago

We were just married then. An exciting dream. The atmosphere in our home had been sweet and victorious the day that she came up the stairs with the results of a cervical smear. It was PAP-5, unquiet cells in situ. Right away the doctor called too, to make it clear to me. ‘Immediate danger of cancer’, he said, ‘but no reason for panic. Cervical cancer can be effectively prevented in this stage by removing a conical piece of tissue from the cervix. That’s called conisation. I can recommend a good gynaecologist’.

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