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Tullio Simoncini’s Miracle Cure of Cancer in CAT Scans…

Here are 4 CAT scans, 2 of hepatic carcinoma, 2 of pulmonary metastasis. According to Italian ex-doctor Tullio Simoncini, the liver cancer has substantially regressed and the lung metastases have disappeared after he treated this patient with sodium bicarbonate. The problem is however, that there are are several things wrong with these scans. Please study them carefully – be sure to click on the images to enlarge them – and tell us what you see…

Eternal fame as well as a special prize will be awarded to the first person on this blog who comes up with all the right answers. 🙂

(Edit) Here are the correct answers, given by Jli and Alvin

  1. The Pulmonary CAT-scans are taken at different levels.
  2. The patient identity of the CAT-scan supposedly showing regression of the pulmonary metastasis is hidden (in contrast to the other scans).
  3. There is not a substantial regression of the liver tumor. Maybe this “misunderstanding” comes from the misconception of his that cancers are black on CAT-scans. The darkest area in the centre of the liver tumor is actually necrosis. On the first scan the actual cancer is slightly darker than the normal liver. Again the scans are not taken at the exact same level.
  4. The dates on the scans have been hidden.

By the way – there might be a relationship between fungus and cancer, but not quite in the way Tullio Simoncini is trying to make us believe. Click here for more information.