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Is Cancer a Fungus? Tullio Simoncini and Bladder Cancer – Again

DeathThis story is a translation of a post on a French blog that tells of the night shift of a physician – a nephrologist – who is the blog owner and the author of the article. Thanks also to WeWee for this introduction, to which we have added some details about two other patients of Simoncini.

DIY cancer treatment

On the web site of Tullio Simoncini, who claims he can cure cancer with baking soda, there is a page on DIY-treatments: it explains how patients can administer their baking soda infusions themselves in their own home. Simoncini’s Dutch patient Marjolein did this too.

Who in the world would believe such nonsense as DIY-treatment for cancer with baking soda? Well, frightened cancer patients to begin with, desperately frightened of having cancer and of the treatments they may have to undergo to save themselves. But then you hear of a ‘doctor’ who promises a 99,9 % cure, without any of the nasty side effects of conventional treatments! When your fear has made you vulnerable and gullible, it is easy to fall into this trap.

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