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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Cancer or Autism: Don’t Try This at Home

HBOT chamberOn April 15 we had a post on Jenny McCarthy claiming that HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxyen Therapy) is able to cure and prevent cancer. However, there is no evidence for this claim whatsoever. 

Other claims about alternative use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy include that it helps patients with autism, but again, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims

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The Science Game

crossword puzzleThere is a wonderful post by Val Jones on Science-Based Medicine, in which she explains what science is about and how we acquire scientific knowledge. To do this, she uses the “Game of 20 Questions” as an analogy.

It reminds me of the beautiful metaphor of the crossword puzzle, used by Susan Haack to clarify the process of acquiring knowledge in her book Defending Science.

Is there hope after all?

ScienceYesterday I received some e-mails.

The first was from a lady whose mother is suffering from cancer. During her mother’s illness, this lady searched the internet for information on cancer and decided it would be a good idea to collect everything she found in one place. So she started a blog.

She says on her blog: “I wanted to have a place where all the information I was researching on the internet could be stored in one convenient location (…). In addition, I wanted to make sure that all the information was positive, so having our own blog made that easy.”  Read more of this post

Switzerland to insert CAM in the constitution?

CAMOn 17 May 2009 the Swiss people voted in favour of a constitutional article for complementary medicine in a national vote. 67 percent of voters supported the new constitutional article. Switzerland is the first country in Europe to set out in the constitution, authority for the state and constituent states (cantons) to take complementary medicine into consideration in the public health service. Read more of this post

Faith Healer Called to Account in Court after Actress Dies from Breast Cancer

Jomanda Lady of the LightA Dutch appeal court has ordered the prosecution of two doctors and faith healer Jomanda over their treatment of Sylvia Millecam, a popular Dutch actress who died of untreated breast cancer in August 2001 at the age of 45.  At the time of her diagnosis, the tumor was no bigger than 1 cm radius and her prognosis, had she received standard medical treatment, would have been very good. See also: faith healer Jomanda found not guilty. Read more of this post

Infant Dies after “Craniosacral” Therapy


In the Dutch Medical Journal, authors from the University Hospital St. Radboud in Nijmegen, Netherlands, report a tragic case history of an infant dying after being treated by a craniosacral therapist.

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Curing Leukemia with Water Fasting

water-fastingThe purpose of this blog is to warn people about alternative cancer treatments. Because there is not one shred of evidence that alternative “medicine” – AM – can cure cancer, we think it is dangerous that cancer patients forgo standard therapy and try to cure their cancer with alternative therapy only.

Proponents of AM do not agree with this view and try to convince us of the opposite by means of testimonials: personal success stories of people who claim that they were cured from their usually incurable cancer by means of AM. However, evidence for these claims is hardly ever delivered and when it is, it is usually incomplete and unverifiable.

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Thanks, Mr Homeopath!

Some poor babies are born in hell…

Gloria Thomas’s eczema death ‘was parents’ fault’

gloria-thomas-parents1By Margaret Scheikowski

Thomas and Manju Sam faced manslaughter charges in court and were found guilty.

In the last months of her life, baby Gloria Thomas suffered such terrible eczema her skin would weep and peel, sticking to her clothing when she was changed.

Despite her bleeding, crying and malnutrition, her mother and homeopath father failed to get conventional medical help before she died a painful death, a Sydney jury has been told. Read more of this post

Tony Isaacs’s Swine Flu Protocol


Yes we know, it’s off topic.

But this is just too good to pass by on: it’s Tony Isaac’s Swine Flu Protocol!  So wonderfully simple, a piece of cake really, and not at all time consuming. Who needs science when they can have this? Enjoy!

Matthias Rath: the Missing Chapter


Nomen omen est…

Matthias Rat(h), a mega vitamin salesman who claims that his pills can cure diseases such as cancer and aids, is without a doubt one of the biggest and most ruthless quacks of our time. Mr Rath usually harassess his critics into silence by filing libel suits against them.  

But on 12 September 2008, Matthias Rath dropped a year-long libel action against the Guardian and Ben Goldacre and was ordered to pay costs. Rath sued over three Guardian articles that condemned his promotional activities among Aids sufferers in South African townships.

At the time, Goldacre was writing his book “Bad Science.” There was to be a chapter on Matthias Rath, but because Rath was suing Goldacre, the chapter could not be published. Goldacre has now published the missing chapter on his website Bad Science.