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Tullio Simoncini’s Lucrative Little Cancer Cure sCam?

money-pileEver wondered how he does it? We have – and we think it might go like this.

When you are diagnosed with cancer, there are two things that will scare the hell out of you: the fact that it may kill you, and conventional treatment.

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Young Breast Cancer Patient Aysha and Tullio Simoncini’s Baking Soda Therapy

From our Italian Friends

horizontalrosesTransl. Beatis

Many times, we have spoken on this blog about the dangers of falling for the massive amounts of misinformation on how to cure cancer that is foisted on desperate people by alternative “healers.”

Here is another dramatic example: the heartbreaking story of a young Italian woman with breast cancer, who turned to Tullio Simoncini for help and was cruelly let down. The story created much echo and indignation on the Italian internet. Everyone diagnosed with cancer, who believes in the natural goodness and altruism of alternative “healers” and is considering treatment by Tullio Simoncini or any other alternative miracle healer, should read this.
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Tullio Simoncini Cures Woman of Bladder Cancer by e-mail


Tullio Simoncini is an ex-medical doctor who was convicted for fraud and involuntary manslaughter. Simoncini claims that cancer is no more than an infection of the fungus candida albicans and that it can easily be cured with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

Lorna, a young woman who was diagnosed with bladder cancer, claims to have been cured of this disease by Tullio Simoncini. She never met Simoncini – he just sent her instructions through e-mail, after which she was able to administer the treatments herself. And Simoncini did not even charge her one penny for this life saving treatment! Now, how wonderful is that?  Read more of this post

Now see this page! Images, Photos and Videos of Cancer

B0006422 Breast cancer cellsAlternative therapists often want us to believe that cancer is a relatively simple disease that can easily be cured, even when it is deemed “terminal,” as long as the patients do exactly what their alternative therapists tell them.

Beat the Enemy by Knowing Him

However, cancer is neither simple nor easy to cure and it should never be underestimated. It will stop at nothing, unless we make it stop and science provides us with the knowledge to do so. Even with metastasized cancer, progress is being made, albeit slow.

Because one image says more than a thousand words, we have added a new page to this blog with images related to cancer. Consider yourself warned: some of them are not for the faint-hearted.

Is cancer a fungus?

Tullio Simoncini claims that all cancers are fungi. Can this really be true?

Cancer is no more than a fungus – candida albicans to be precise – says Tullio Simoncini, and it can be cured with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)Read more of this post

Fungus and Cancer: Tullio Simoncini’s Sodium Bicarbonate Treatment is Dangerous

Based on expert reports of two physicians, the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate has concluded that Tullio Simoncini’s cancer treatment with sodium bicarbonate is dangerous and should not be administered. Here is a translation of the news release of the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate.

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Tullio Simoncini: sCAM murderer?

Anyone who thinks sodium bicarbonate is an alternative to conventional cancer therapy should read this email before taking any steps.

Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 11:49:50 -0600
Subject: [healthfraud] interfere with Simonici?

Unbelievably, the father of a friend of mine (diagnosed one week ago
with a likely glioblastoma near his speech center) is actually
planning to go through with this. He’s not even had a biopsy. Since
Simonici is delicensed, he’s having my friend’s father travel to a
doctor outside Belgrade (yes, in Serbia) to have a catheter put into
this brain (at a cost of 20,000 euro cash), and then to Rome for
Simonici to “oversee” infusion of sodium bicarbonate directly into the
tumor (for 150 euro/day, cash).

My question: what avenues can my friend pursue, legally,
diplomatically, etc, to prevent this from happening? I’m aware that
his father is a competent adult, but surely there’s a way to prevent a
U.S. citizen from engaging in this transaction with a convicted
criminal in Italy?

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated, even if it’s just
confirmation that, unfortunately, nothing can be done to prevent this
particular idiocy.

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Tullio Simoncini says Cancer is a Fungus and Sodium Bicarbonate will cure it

TullioSimonciniTullio Simoncini, an Italian ex-medical doctor, claims that cancer is caused by a fungus and can be cured with the administration of sodium bicarbonate. To explain the fungus, Simoncini also argues that cancer is due to “excess acidity” that allows the fungus free rein.

There is no scientific evidence whatsoever to support these claims and there is good reason to believe that Tullio Simoncini’s treatment is dangerous.

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