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Statutory Regulation Of Alternative Medicine: What Good Will It Do?

registrationIn the UK, statutory regulation of practitioners of herbal medicine and acupuncture has been advocated by a House of Lords’ Select Committee and by three subsequent Dartment of Health (DH) working groups as well as the vast majority of respondents to a previous DH consultation on this subject (the Pittilo consultation and report). The NIMH is strongly in support of statutory regulation of this sector. They feel that only statutory regulation of this sector can enable the public to identify qualified practitioners and maintain the availability of a full range of herbal medicines in herbal practice. The same discussion is going on in other countries, the Netherlands for example. For our Dutch readers: click here.

Is it true that statutory regulation will protect the public against the risks of alternative medicine?  Many people think not and we agree with them. The pitfalls and downsides of the suggested regulations have been aptly described in a submission that was sent to the Pittilo consultation. You can read it here. There is a summary on DC’s Improbable Science, as well as extensive information on the Pittilo consultation.

2 responses to “Statutory Regulation Of Alternative Medicine: What Good Will It Do?

  1. kelly October 17, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    More people died from prescription drugs than of foods (or alternative medicine). In fact we’re talking about debillitating effects from drugs, vaccines and THOUSANDS of people worldwide. And premature deaths.

    How many people actually have died from food poisoning of our natural foods?

    “Is it true that statutory regulation will protect the public against the risks of alternative medicine?”

    I do not believe these regulations can help us, they only serve to curb our access to natural herbs for our foods for example. If this is allowed (regulation), imagine our food spices are going to get very expensive too. Also, I hate the idea of getting fined for having healthy butter in your fridge because they say margarine is healthier. You get the picture!

    However, food regulation (if there’s one) should make sure that foods are properly labelled to tell consumers whether they are:
    1. GMO
    2. Irradiated
    3. containing any preservatives
    4. containing anything artificial or synthetic, including synthetic vitamins
    5. having any elaborations on what “enhanced flavouring” or “permitted flavouring” really means

    They could make it in such a way that you can only buy herbs from authorised herbalists but I do not expect anything out of this scope of “food regulation”.

    Thanks for this discussion!! And keep up your good blog and tweets!!

  2. emkwan February 14, 2010 at 9:10 pm


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