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German New Medicine: Hamer’s ‘Chief Rabbi’ Ezra Iwan Götz Convicted for Title Abuse

oberrabbiner-goetzHamer intimate and holocaust denier Iwan Götz was convicted for title abuse on August 16, 2009 in Bad Iburg, Germany.

Iwan (Wanja) Götz likes to pose as ‘DrEzra Iwan Götz, Chief Rabbi of Germany.

The court considered it proven that Götz bogusly claimed to have taken a PhD in the Federal Republic of Germany.  He was convicted without a court hearing – the facts were obvious and needed no further disussion. It took the court less than 20 minutes to reach a decision. Götz was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment for his fake PhD. Title abuse is considered a serious offence in Germany.

He was lucky that the title “chief rabbi” is not protected in Germany, otherwise that would have gained him a conviction as well. He has also been found guilty of Holocaust denial in the past.

Götz poses as Chief Rabbi of Germany, but the German Jewish community has no chief rabbi.  He claims to be based in Halle, but there is no rabbi by the name of Ezra/Iwan Götz in Halle.

While posing as ‘chief rabbi’ of Germany, Götz signed a statement in which he ‘confessed’ that the Jews have committed genocide on billions of people, by keeping the German New Medicine from non-Jews. Needless to say, all of it was fake.

Although not very likely, since this choice of friends indicates a serious lack of judgment, a person keeping such undesirable company as Hamer does, can still be a good doctor or a good scientist. But with Hamer this is not so, as you can read here and here.

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  1. beatis September 23, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    You are great!

    Du auch. ♥

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