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Tullio Simoncini: Of Rodents, Research and Baking Soda

rodent of the weekIn the stats of this blog I can see from which pages people clicked to get to our blog. Sometimes I take a peek at these pages, as I did last week.

It landed me in a discussion on the ‘cancer therapy’ of Tullio Simoncini, which included some rather opinionated proponents of our Italian friend. A blog member named Byron stated that there was no evidence to prove Simoncini wrong, so I decided to tell them that research showed that sodium bicarbonate does nothing to stop cancer growth and was found even to stimulate it, giving the relevant link on our blog

One of the Simoncini proponents then said the following:

Show me actual study

I replied thus:

2 Links to relevant research in this blogpost

Again I was ordered to show evidence of baking soda not being effective in humans, at which I replied:

3 reply with explanation

She then ‘concluded’ I did not have any evidence for my claim:

4 You don't have a source for your claim

 so I tried again to explain:

5 my reply with complete links and conclusion of studies

Now this is where it gets rather embarrassing:

6 Please read studies before you send them

I must admit this left me quite dumbfounded. What is this person thinking? Does she think that scientists go hunting for rodents – in woods and derelict houses perhaps – in order to find ones that have cancer, which they then lock up in their labs to test their experimental substances on, such as baking soda? Or does she perhaps think the ‘toxic corrosive chemicals’ as well as the baking soda were given for the bladder cancer? Does she really have no idea at all how rodents with cancer are come by?

MouseWell, this is how it works. The poor little things are bred in the labs and given toxic compounds so as to induce cancer in them. Then they are given the experimental drugs, like sodium bicarbonate, to assess their efficacy against cancer. This is precisely what was done in the research I linked to.

In the English language, the attitude of people like anomdenet is aptly described as arrogance of ignorance.

What can one say to something like this? Not very much I’m afraid, and that is what I did:

7 My reply you did not understand

Needless to say, there was no reply.

It makes me laugh, it makes me sad and it worries me deeply at the same time. Their lack of knowledge is not even the biggest problem, after all, we can’t all know everything about anything.

What really worries me though is that so many people, despite their obvious unwillingness to educate themselves on a subject, apparently have no problem whatsoever with dispensing their opinionated views on it to all and sundry.

Arrogance of ignorance indeed.

The website is here.

4 responses to “Tullio Simoncini: Of Rodents, Research and Baking Soda

  1. cryptocheilus August 9, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    It’s amazing how often the baking soda story promoted by Simoncini rears it’s ugly head somewhere on the nets.
    The discussion methods of the people who are ‘hyped’ is a kind of ‘international language’ I suppose.

  2. jennyj0 August 9, 2009 at 5:21 pm

    It certainly seems that way! :mrgreen:

  3. Bram Hengeveld August 9, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    A few days ago I somehow ended up on the following webpage, on the ‘miracle’ of (liquid) chlorophyll:
    The writer bluntly states chlorophyll is ‘absolutely identical’ to haemoglobin, which is an easily checkable statement; even Wikipedia will show you (within minutes) that it is actually a very wrong statement.

    So this dude Ramachandra shows up and very elaborately describes the errors in the blogpost. The general reaction, as usual: ‘thank you for your insights, but you sound so angry with us’. for instance:

    “Many Blessings to All… and extra blessings for Ramachandra who needs peace in his/her life.”

    I don’t know which problem is bigger: the arrogance or the ignorance. I’d guess it’s the arrogance, since the writer of the blogpost apparently didn’t see fit to even look up the most basic of claims he is making (up). His ignorance could be cured easily even by wikipedia, but his arrogance apparently makes him unable to do so.

    Indeed it is an ‘international language’, connecting a whole lot of woo-meisters.

  4. WeWee August 9, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    My internet experience says that there’s a big rate of false ignorance on this misunderstandings. Some people simply DON’T want to understand, compulsorily, only to be against the official science.
    Nothing important, i have spent my phase of “being discouraged”, it’s useless, now i’m in the much interesting phase of incessant work against the quack.

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