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Alternative Medicine and Why It Seems To Work

PlacebosVery rarely have alternative treatments or medication been able to show any therapeutic value. Yet countless people swear by it and are convinced they can’t do without.

The mysterious placebo effect has everything to do with this. But what is it and how does it work? Harriet Hall explains.

One response to “Alternative Medicine and Why It Seems To Work

  1. Dr. Sylar October 16, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    Beatis, thank you very much for sharing this post. I was asking for info on the placebo effect, because I experienced it working many times, recently.

    “The placebo effect is mainly subjective. Placebos don’t work on patients who are asleep or unconscious. You have to know you’re being treated.”

    And that is the point here, consciousness. What I have experienced is that placebo effect works even without taking the placebo pill. So the main point is: “expectancy, motivation,…” It is sometimes regardless you are taking the pill or not. But, very few people can do that without the pill, I admit.

    I can in many cases reduce my suffering from pain just by focusing on the factors of the so called placebo effect: motivation, expectation,… and so on, not even taking a placebo pill. But I highly discourage anyone from denying the standard treatment just because they know someone who can do without it! Why? Because it is a long learning process being conscious in such a high level and it may or may not work from one minute to another. Moreover, failure in the early stage would ruin the chances to learn it later on.

    For me it is not a question at all that it is possible to heal without standard treatment, but in fact it is far much more complicated than simply refusing to take pills, surgery and others. The whole ideology of these people healing without a treatment is just simply different than anyone walking in from the streets. He did not heal because of refusing the standard treatment, he healed because he had those expectations, motivation strong enough.

    IMHO the problem isn not that alternative ways exist, but the fact those are applied rashly. And attitude to expectation and motivation the level that does not even require the placebo pill does not come as a flash from blue sky, one minute to another. However, that kind of different view on the world, from bones to balls would be the very base for it.

    The problem is, many people see the final result only. “He did not take the pill, yet he healed!” And they drop what they have in their hands (standard treatment). That is the real threathening, IMHO. Yes, that is correct from one aspect that I did not take any pills when I had 39 Celsius fever and I healed… What they do not see is simply 30 years of a completely different education, ideology about the world and so on as a basement.

    They only see the tip of the iceberg and they think it is that simple. Well, it is indeed simple in one point of view, but not simple at all on the other side. And that is why many who apply alternative ways fail quite quickly: they simply do not have the basement. And they do not recognize it is not that simple that I do not take a medicine, there is way too much behind.

    This is what many-many wannabe-alternative-therapist “forget” to explain (sometimes simply because they are not even aware how different their basements are – and what worked for him because of this, may not work for the other one with completely different expectations, motivation, doubt and fears).

    I hope this helps you and the readers understand that even alternative ways are not as simple as they seem to be for the first time.

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