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Faith Healer Jomanda Not Guilty; Public Prosecutor to Appeal

JomandaAlthough her behaviour was deemed highly reprehensible by the judge, on 12 June 2009 faith healer Jomanda has been found not guilty of involvement in the death of Dutch actress Sylvia Millecam of breast cancer in 2001.

(On 25 June 2009 the Public Prosecutor’s Office decided to appeal this verdict)

The judge said that due to the exceptional circumstances concerning Ms Millecam’s illness and her (Millecam’s) personality, the influence of Jomanda’s actions in itself does not warrant holding her legally responsible for having harmed Millecam’s health.

In 1997 the Netherlands adopted the Law on the Practice of Individual Healthcare. The law requires no specific medical training and allows essentially anyone to treat patients. As a consequence, it has become extremely difficult to get members of the alternative sector convicted. This has created a paradoxial situation, in which conventionally trained medical professionals like MD’s have to adhere to all kinds of disciplinary rules and professional rules of conduct, whereas alties can do practically anything without having to fear any serious consequences. This may also be the reason why the two alternative MD’s who were involved in treating Sylvia Millecam have received much higher sentences than Jomanda. Ah well, crazy laws make for crazy verdicts…

See also: Jomanda on trial.

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