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Curing Liver Cancer The Natural Way

supplementsIn his latest farewell post on this blog, “natural health researcher” Tony Isaacs stated:

I never said that had a “cure” for cancer, much less that I alone had a “cure”. I did say that natural alternatives did offer hope for many people,

Today, Tony was asked by “Silviag” what would be the best treatment for Silviag’s mother, who is suffering form liver cancer.

And here is Tony’s reply to Silviag:

Curezone liver cancer reply Tony Isaacs

We rest our case.

One response to “Curing Liver Cancer The Natural Way

  1. evenarsenicisnatural May 2, 2009 at 3:25 am

    The only truthful part of Tony’s blather –

    “Frankly I think your iridologist is wrong, given the biopsy.”

    Everything else from Tony I-sell-crap is total bullshit, designed to peddle his garbage.

    Yeah, ‘wonderful results’ such as filling his own pockets and taking advantage of Silviag’s mother’s situation purely for his own gain.

    Unfortunatly, he will claim the inevitable hastened death of anyone following his protocol as not starting HIS programs soon enough.

    How noble of him to blame the unfortunate ones that get suckered into this deadly sham.

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