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Breast Cancer Patient Sylvia Dies After Being Treated by Tullio Simoncini with Sodium Bicarbonate

On October 8, 2007 a Dutch breast cancer patient died in the Netherlands after she was treated with sodium bicarbonate injections by Tullio Simoncini. The cascade of events is subject to investigation by the department of public prosecution/the police and the Netherlands Health Care Inspectorate.
In his home country, Tullio Simoncini was banned from his medical profession for life. Also, he was convicted for fraud and wrongful death in 2003. For several years he has been practising alternative medicine in Italy and the Netherlands. Sometimes he rents room in ‘the Clinic for Preventive Medicine Berg en Bosch in Bilthoven’, Utrecht region, Netherlands. In this clinic, several alternative healers provide scientifically unproven therapies for cancer.

In December 2006, 58 year old Sylvia was diagnosed with breast cancer and was advised to undergo conventional therapy. She decided to give it a thought and visited several other doctors. Finally, she met Tullio Simoncini, who now states she never started sodium bicarbonate treatment with him.

According to her partner, Simoncini flew to the Netherlands and started treating Sylvia with intratumoral sodium bicarbonate injections, with the help of an assistant. Sylvia received up to 20 injections in her breast tumor. Shortly thereafter she became sick and in a nearly dead state was towed out of her appartment by the fire department and presented at the first aid department of the Free University Medical Center of Amsterdam. There she died of metabolic alkalosis related disease soon after. The attending internist refused to sign the documents for a natural death and contacted the police. An autopsy revealed that Sylvia did not die of breast cancer. She had several injection spots on her blue and swollen mutilated breast.

Upon being contacted by the media in Italy, Simoncini claimed repeatedly that Sylvia had not been treated by him with sodium bicarbonate. However, several people, including personnel from the preventive clinic, confirm that she was treated by Simoncini. Simoncini’s anonymous support group frustrates news coverage in the media and tries to downgrade the event – “Your news will last for a day or two but we will always be there.”

32 responses to “Breast Cancer Patient Sylvia Dies After Being Treated by Tullio Simoncini with Sodium Bicarbonate

  1. Mario Rossetti November 22, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    This lady is Dutch.
    She was treated by the medical officer for breast cancer, cancer had returned and was to remove the breast.
    It was treated with bicarbonate with care Simoncini and distance of 2 years now is still good. Ultimately the clinics say that is great!
    I am sorry for the lady who died, but why not spoken of thousands of people affected by cancer, which every day are dying in hospitals because of chemotherapy?
    Why not say if those doctors who use chemotherapy, (which is to reveal a cure in testing 50 years!), Knowing that in 98% of cases the patient died from atrocious suffering, not the killers of legalized?

  2. peter November 23, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    @ Mario Rossetti,

    The death of Sylvia has nothing to do with your chemo story.
    So, please make no link!
    Offensive and misleading, totally irrelevant!

  3. Urich November 29, 2008 at 11:06 pm

    Wow M Rossetti, spot on, that’s the sort of info that directly refutes other’s biased non-factual giving reporting! What was the reason for Sylvia’s death? Oh, under investigation – just like every other death – must be investigated for cause whether by Simoncini or by any other allopath, and usually by autopsy.

  4. Bob Gormley December 2, 2008 at 3:46 am

    Where can I get details on Simoncini’s
    a) loss of his medical license
    b) wrongful death conviction
    c) swindling conviction

  5. anaxymperator December 2, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    @ Bob Gormley,

    Here it is, in the Corriere della Sera, the largest and most reliable newspaper in Italy. It’s in Italian, perhaps you can run it through a translating machine.

    That Simoncini is not in prison, is because just after his conviction, Berlusconi issued a general pardon for sentences from 1 to 4 years. The pardon stipulates that although the convictions stand, the persons who have received such a sentence need not go to prison. So Simoncini has escaped his punishment.

    @ Urich,

    The doctors in the Free University Hospital said no more than that Sylvia did not die of natural causes. And yes, injecting large amounts of sodium bicarnonate into the body can be dangerous, even lethal. Every MD knows this. So it’s not very surprising the Health Inspectorate knows this too.

  6. Urich December 4, 2008 at 7:14 pm

    Absolutely agree that injecting large amounts of anything into your body can kill, this includes consumption of large amounts of anything as well – to include water.
    However, patients die daily from allopathic treatments. The amount of deaths caused by anesthesia, leaving of surgical implements, secondary infection such as staph, allergic reaction to pharmaceuticals, improperly prescribed pharmaceuticals, and even from giving fluids are astronomically high. Allopathics are no less guilty of mistakes or of accidents and in some cases there is no guilt to be laid, just a matter of fate taking its course or time simply running out for the patient as the doctor may have arrived to late for the condition.
    As far as Simoncini is concerned, look at the guy who does Enzyte. Lucky Bob’s boss went to prison for his allegations about his product and he is not alone in this. Many practitioners have gone to jail for making “unsubstantiated” claims whether they had anecdotal evidence or not. It is against the law in the Americas and in Europe for a doctor to treat a patient with a known condition in a manner that is not considered “standard approved treatment” by the profession.
    The jailing and conviction of any practitioner at this time, should not be accepted as evidence of fraud or negligence.

  7. Urich December 4, 2008 at 7:29 pm

    An admittedly poor web translation of the news page cited by Anaxymperator above – still it is understandable:

    Three sentences and two acquittals. Because the pretension to defeat the cancer with bicarbonate provokes false hopes, but it is not in a position to killing. The meaning of the sentence is this with which, to the term of the abbreviated ritual, gup the Cecilia Demma has inflicted to the oncologo Tullio Simoncini, 54 years, radiato from the Order, three years for culpable homicide, in order to have provoked the laceration of the intestine a sick one finishes them. Sixteen months, moreover, the culprit will have to discount them in order to have swindled two patients with the brother Angel, anch’ he doctor. The judge has instead acquitted Simoncini from the accusation to have determined the raggirati dead women of the two sick ones, with the formula “because the fact not sussiste”. Sessantamila euro the provvisionale assigned to the kinsmen who have delivered up plaintiffs. “We augur ourselves – lawyers Laura Di Feo and Domenico Drogheo say – than finally stops itself to believe in these cures”. The first case ended in the inquiry of pm the Giuseppe Andruzzi is that one of Civetta Maximum, one of the ideatori of Radius Globe, killed to 34 years from a carcinoma to the intestine. An uncovered tumor behind schedule, a calvary from a hospital to the other until, tells Of Feo and Drogheo, lawyers of the relatives, “the doctors raised the hands”. He was then that the Civetta, deprived of hope, addressed to Simoncini. And the oncologo, in exchange for 400 euros, tried the miracle: with an injection made up of sodium bicarbonate, miscelato to water, it perforated the tumorale mass. The hoped effect was not that one: the evening after, 8 February 2002, the young person died with the perforated intestine, between lancinanti pains. “Also the advising of the procura – the defender of the doctor explains, the lawyer Cesar Piraino – has not excluded that the laceration has been produced from the cancer. Unfortunately to Civetta least days of life remained, were a hemorrhage in course since 6 February. Our advisers have supported that it was impossible to perforate the internal handle with the needle used from Simoncini, a needle of common type, acquired in pharmacy, along only three centimeters”. Little time after, the others two victims: Maria Canegrati Grace, of Milan, killed 1° March 2002 from adenocarcinoma, and a Cicciari Grace, of Milazzo, died successive 15 November for a tumor to lungs. They are the two cases that they have made to earn to Simoncini the acquittal from the accusation of culpable homicide, but the judge has condemned the doctor, with to the brother, for agravated swindle. The collegiale, second skill Piraino lawyer, “has excluded that the cure has determined the death of the patients”, but ciascuna of they it has spold approximately 7.500 euros for the useless one cocktail of water and bicarbonate somministrato in the clinic “Madonna of the confidence”, to the Appio, where Simoncini made to ricoverare the sick ones finishes them that they entrusted themselves to its hands. Although the troubles with the justice, the Order, the patients, the oncologo remains convinced of the effectiveness of its cure: the tumor, supports, it is not other that a fungus, and like such goes assaulted with sodium bicarbonate. An other remedy not is. Explanations and interviews can be read on various Internet sites (between the others,,, and former twenty or so sick, to the process, has testified of being recovered from several forms of carcinoma. The judge and the lawyers are appeared perplexed: goodness knows if to those patients they had not been made wrong diagnoses. Lavinia Di Gianvito the inquiry began in 2002 Risalgono to the died 2002 the three that they have induced the procura to accuse the oncologo Tullio Simoncini of culpable homicide and agravated swindle. The first death, 8 February, has been that one of Maximum Civetta, 34 years, killed from a tumor to the intestine. 1° March a adenocarcinoma has placed fine to the life of Maria Canegrati Grace, of Milan, and successive 15 November is died Cicciari Grace, of Milazzo. The cure made up of bicarbonate has cost to the doctor the cancellation from the Order.

  8. beatis December 4, 2008 at 7:42 pm


    Wrongs in conventional medicine do not automatically make everything in alternative medicine right.

    The point is not that conventional doctors ‘also’ make mistakes. The point is that someone says he can cure cancer, even terminal cancer, without even the slightest evidence for it. The point is that it’s wrong to tell desperate and terminally ill people that they can still be cured. The point is that it’s wrong to tell a woman with a curable cancerous tumor in her breast that she does not need to be operated upon.

    The point is that it’s wrong to deliberately lie to patients. A doctor making mistakes is terrible. But no matter how good a doctor you are, you are also human and humans make mistakes.
    But deliberately telling lies is a totally different matter. No doctor is allowed to lie, no matter what kind of medicine he practises.

    There are very good reasons why there are standard aproved treatments: most of the time they do what they are supposed to do.

    The reason I think Simoncini is a fraud, is not because he was convicted. I think he is a fraud because I believe his theory sucks and because he knows very little about cancer.

  9. beatis December 4, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    I know what it says in the Corriere. I read Italian. It is a poor translation indeed! 🙂

  10. Urich December 4, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    I would wish, in a perfect world, for a blending of medical worlds. That of the allopath and that of the naturopath. At one time chiropractic was a fraud and practitioners were under attack. Osteopaths in the US have now gained accreditation but in other parts of the world are considered little less than complementary practitioners without the rights of MDs.

    On a daily basis, oncologists and family MDs tell their patients that they have a chance at survival if they undergo very expensive treatments. For the sake of greed, many are steering their clients to the most outrageous of practices (such as bypass surgery, prostate removal, etc), while neglecting to tell their clients that the outcome is actually dismal, and the so-called cure may actually be worse than the disease.
    I do not say that alternative has the answers. I merely say that allopathy does not. Many people have begun to recognize the self evident truth of that, and that is why there has been a world wide (in industrial nations) response and movement toward alternatives. Non-industrial nations have not moved toward alternatives, because their primary mode of treatment already is typically “alternative.”
    Simoncini says nothing more than other oncologists. Is his process beneficial – I do not know, there is no evidence against and Simoncini only provides anecdotal evidence for. His telling a patient that he believes his method to be superior, is no different from any oncologist who tells his patient that he believes that radiation or chemotherapy is superior. Even surgery is under suspicion as it has been established that even one missed cancer cell may lead to metastasis and therefore there is a high failure rate with surgery. (As a side note – my (first/original?) fiance died from breast cancer after first one and then the other was removed. She also underwent chemo and radiation treatment. She was assured that they had caught it in time as she only had a small lump in her left breast when they did the first mastectomy)
    If we blended sciences together, and set aside the greed factor, and put all of our efforts into humanitarian causes, what could we succeed in? There will never be a doubt that we can not and should not expect companies to extinguish themselves through predatory practices against themselves, even if it is humanitarian. We however, can and should expect individuals to respond out of a base need to keep their loved ones and therefore the loved ones of others, alive and healthy. But, putting philosophy aside, I ain’t holdin’ my breath….

  11. Natalie February 15, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    Urich I couldn’t agree with you anymore, I find it astonishing no one has argued against this last comment of yours, perhaps beacuse you have summed up in a nutshell the reality of the medical and cancer world…

    you speak from experience …
    and as you said you wish for “in a perfect world, for a blending of medical worlds”

    It’s not about promoting alternative medicine as the only right way of treating cancer it’s about finding an honest and humanitarian way of treating cancer, time and time again the orthodox medical world has done the complete opposite

  12. beatis February 15, 2009 at 7:44 pm


    There are over a thousand alternative therapies claiming to be able to cure cancer. However, no stand alone successful alternative therapies for cancer exist. By describing the present chaos in the field of “alternative medicine,” which a friend with a Ph D in chemistry has done, we hope the <5-7% truthful elements that are potentially complementary to regular medicine may ultimately survive and benefit cancer patients.

  13. italian March 4, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    Hi to all,

    Simoncini is a liar and a killer.
    It is all.

  14. natalie March 6, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    Hi Italian,

    could you elaborate on “it is all” it is all on what???

    tell us your experience…?

  15. italian March 23, 2009 at 11:26 pm


    I warned you. There is a verdict of an italian court.

    By the way you are the sole owner of you actions, so good luck.


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  17. Catherine July 9, 2009 at 7:35 pm

    My step father has had positive results from the bicarbonate treatment on a brain tumor?

    I would really like to hear from someone who has had less positive results as a friend of mine is now considering the treatment for himself, he suffers from lung cancer.

  18. beatis July 9, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    We are currently in the process of assessing as many of Tullio Simoncini’s testimonials as possible. There is some information here on the claim of Simoncini on lung cancer:

    I’m afraid none of the testimonials on Simoncini’s website will be able to stand the test of scrutiny. By definition, testimonials are always positive for that matter. After all, their purpose is to sell something, so you’ll never find a negative one. And dead people can’t testify. However, sometimes their doctors or their loved ones do it for them, as you can also read here.

    I don’t know the reason for your friend to consider Simoncini’s treatment, but I would definitely try to persuade him otherwise.

  19. Italian honest person December 22, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    Simoncini is a scientist of first order, NOT a charlatan/quack (as farmaceutical industries are trying to say).

    Simoncini is NOT a killer, but he is author of a theory very dangerous ONLY for farmaceutical industries.

    Tullio Simoncini is a difficult competitor for farmaceutical companies/industries/lobbies, because he is going to touch directly their huge economical interests (named “chemioterapy, radioterapy, surgery” used officially “to care cancer”, but actually they kill more than care).

    The theory of Simoncini about cancer (“Cancer is a fungus”, his main book) has consistent scientifical bases in medical literature.

    There’s a large number of testimonials by people saved thanks of Simoncini care: they counted more than 30 cases from all the world published only counting the cases showed on internet, with name and surname. There’re also videos of testimonials with MD doctors reports directly exposed, in Italian language and also in English by English speaking people as these:

    Many of these video have been also transmitted in Italy by Arcoiris Tv, an important free civic internet television organized directly by citizens who refuse the publicity system (one of the few free independent channels of public information in Italy at moment).

    I cannot believe that all that people/testimonials, from the whole world, could say lies as someone would like to say…

    Tullio Simoncini is a great scientist, and there’re also people saved by him who received his support by email, completly FREE OF CHARGE, for example this woman from Australia:

    But specially I believe in Simoncini care because his theory is in perfect accord with all others natural cares against cancer: all of that others were natural anti-fungus substances.

    Farmaceutical industries never will accept a natural product as care against cancer because they cannot patent it: business interests behind chemioterapy are too high, huge, to can accept Simoncini’s theory as true… They work for moneys, not to care people, and national governments are corrupt by them very easily.

    Every year 8 millions (and more) people die in the world thanks of devastating consequences made by chemio/radio/surgery. It’s more than 50years that this big war against citizens continue, in name of moneys. Farmaceutical industries find money using the propaganda and corrupted politics to support the bankruptcy of “research against cancer”.

    Billions of dollars are spent every year in the world to support the eternal “research against cancer”, made by…. farmaceutical industries….!! The results of these research, under control of farmaceutical industries, are under zero, less than zero, because the deaths for cancer are always higher, year after year.

  20. beatis December 22, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    Tullio Simoncini is a great scientist, and there’re also people saved by him who received his support by email, completly FREE OF CHARGE, for example this woman from Australia:

    You mean this woman?
    Very impressive I’m sure.

    Could you please show us some of Simoncini’s “science”? Because you see, we have not been able to find one single scientific study, not even the smallest scientific paper, by him. And we have searched everywhere.

    The problem with testimonials is that they are all single cases, which are also impossible to be verified. But even if we could verify them: single cases do not present a reliable basis on which to conclude that a therapy works and therefore they cannot serve as proof for the efficacy of a treatment. For that we need real science, like randomized clinical trials and epidemiological studies.

    Testimonials are individual stories and they will never be more than just that.

    And yes, I would not be surprised if some of these “testifiers” are indeed lying.

  21. jli December 22, 2009 at 6:38 pm

    The theory of Simoncini about cancer (“Cancer is a fungus”, his main book) has consistent scientifical bases in medical literature.

    No it hasn´t. The reason we know what the white stuff in cancers are made of is that it is examined in details under a microscope every day. I think you should compare what Simoncini explains about cancer anatomy with what is explained at
    This may be unfamiliar to you. But there is no way Simoncini can be unaware of it given his education as a doctor. If Simoncini was a “first order scientist” he would have asked himself:”What kind of observation would prove my theory wrong?”. A good answer would be:”The theory is wrong if microscopy of the white substance of cancer does not reveal fungi”.
    As is explained in the link above that is the case.
    Of all alternative ideas I have ever come across this (cancer is a fungus) is one of the most easily testable, and it has to be discarded on the basis of reality.

  22. jli December 22, 2009 at 10:14 pm

    And yes, I would not be surprised if some of these “testifiers” are indeed lying.

    I wouldn´t either. One indication that this happens is when the “testifier” claims that he/she was offered conventional treatment that is downright absurd.
    Take for instance the woman in the first of “Italian honest person”s video. She was diagnosed with cancer in one breast, and the treatment offered was removal of both breasts and the uterus.

  23. beatis December 22, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    That was wat struck me too! This is so ridiculous that I simply can’t believe it.

    I’m surprised they didn’t suggest to chop her head off as well.

  24. jli December 23, 2009 at 9:26 am

    I’m surprised they didn’t suggest to chop her head off as well

    They (almost) reserved that for the patient in the second video, where the treatment of lymphoma was surgical removal of the upper part of the mouth.

  25. beatis December 23, 2009 at 9:31 am

    Yes, you are right. This is even more ludicrous. It is completely mind boggling and it makes one wonder who would ever believe it. But as we can see on this blog, sadly many people do.

  26. beatis December 23, 2009 at 9:34 am

    They (almost) reserved that for the patient in the second video, where the treatment of lymphoma was surgical removal of the upper part of the mouth.

    I can only be intensely grateful that they were kind enough for allowing me to keep my head and my limbs after my breast cancer! God knows what these doctors might do, I could just have ended up looking like this:
    Me after breast cancer surgery

  27. cryptocheilus December 23, 2009 at 11:36 am

    But specially I believe in Simoncini care [….] I cannot believe that all that people/testimonials, from the whole world, could say lies as someone would like to say…

    Will you please stop arguing with believers!!


    Simoncini is a scientist [….] Simoncini is a difficult competitor [….] Simoncini is a great scientist

    No he’s not. He’s a charlatan and a quack. You listen to jli:

    Farmaceutical industries bla, bla….

    here’s the lyrics:

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  30. khaosklub October 29, 2012 at 11:04 am

    This is a very interesting topic indeed… there is no real evidence to either side.

    if the doctor is legit and telling the truth, and the pharmaceutical companies are trying to shut him down, they could have killed the woman themselves and framed him, making his statements of never treating the woman true. these companies could simply pay everyone off to bear false witness.

    On the other hand, if it is illegitimate, then of course he would say he didn’t treat her. All the comments/blogs/supposed supporters could be paid supporters to help him sell his book perhaps?

    all the comments decidedly against him could very well be bots or people paid off by those who would shut him down.

    both are very believable scenarios for various reasons. And if he were right, it would follow that there would be an attempt to shut down all attempts to provide evidence of his claim.

    All the people who know someone who has been cured could be people in his staff as well!

    it’s sad that the powers that be are so untrustworthy that we cannot be certain if a cure has been found, nor if a charlatan is in our midst

  31. JennyJo November 1, 2012 at 8:38 am

    This is a very interesting topic indeed… there is no real evidence to either side.

    There is evidence: evidence that baking soda is totally ineffective against cancer. Baking soda for cancer is one of the most bonkers things ever.

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